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Direct Hire Contracts Really Do Exist


Read my interview with Gary; a teacher who received a direct contract with his school after working through Global Partners for 1 year.


Q.  How did you first hear about Global Partners?

A.  I first came into contact with Global Partners through a friend in December 2003.  I took the time to look them up on the internet and thought it sounded like an interesting company so applied for a position.  At the interview itself I found the company to be professional and organized and was very impressed.  After passing the initial interview at the office I went to the school itself for a final interview and was successful in securing a position.


Q.  How did you find the school and the job when you first started?

A.  It was busy, but I always tried to work my hardest for the school and the students, I wanted to become a valued member of staff for the school.  I had regular classes as well as responsibility for the International Program which sends students abroad to study.


Q.  So how did the process of being hired directly by the school come about?

A.  The school actually approached myself and another teacher and asked how we felt about going direct with them.  Of course I was keen to do so and Global Partners supported me through this process.


Q.  How did you find working with Global Partners as a dispatch company?

A.  I always found them very easy to work with, the office staff were always helpful and accessible, I felt that they take the time and effort to get to know their teachers which helped us build up a good working relationship.


Q.  Finally, do you have any advice for people who are thinking of working for a school in Japan, either directly or through a dispatch company?

A.  Firstly, I would say be professional.  Life in a Japanese school can be difficult but if you are professional you are more likely to be supported by the others around you.

Secondly, be organized.  This is also important in Japan and schools in particular.

Lastly, embrace the cultural differences; there will be many but if you can become a real part of the school, the school in return will make things more comfortable for you.  


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